Playing RimWorld

One of the most played and searched game out there involves survival tactics, there’s just something about a survival game that challenges us and make us want to see it to the end. RimWorld is a game that will interest you if you’re into survival games; though it’s technically a construction and management simulation game, the avatars still need to survive. RimWorld Mods make the game just a bit more interesting with all the new features and updates that they offer in the game, so choose one or two mods to install.

Colony Manager

As you play RimWorld, there will be times when colony management can be quite tedious to the point that you’re getting bored doing it. Colony Manager lets you program your colonists to do all that so you won’t need to keep one eye on the activities and another in resource collection. But do remember that when you install this mode, it requires a new save game. The mode adds a worktype, that particular worktype will be stored in the world, this means that a new game needs to be stared whenever the mode is removed or added.

Colony Manager lets the player manually set their bills found in the Manager tab found on the bottom of the screen. After setting the bills, the colonist with that particular manager skill alongside worktype enabled will be able to the manager station. At the station, the colonist can figure out an optimal way to divide the job to certain workstations. Once in a while, the player should check if the bills they assigned have been updated; they can make changes or delete any of the bills if they deem it necessary. Colonists will not change anything in the manually set bills or create other jobs since the players remain the overlords.