Who Will Get Relegated And Who Will Be Saved?

Every football season has its ups and downs and like every season we will help you predict which teams are going to get relegated this season, back to the Championship so that you can place your bets on sicbo online.

The EPL season is coming to its end and we can’t expect a better finish to the season with the race for the top four getting hotter but another factor that is affecting a lot of fans is if the their teams will get relegated or not. We are going to discuss all the teams that could get relegated this season.


Sunderland looks definite to get relegated this season due to abysmal form and their lack of unity in the team. They haven’t been able to do any better under current manager Moyes, even after signing a group of young stars. They just haven’t been able to strike a proper rhythm as a team and that has affected their game. We expect them to get relegated this season unless something absolutely crazy happens.

Middlesbrough also look set to return to the Championship after a slump in the second half of the season. They had started their season on a high note and were on the better half of the table but couldn’t continue with their passing and pressing game which led to the firing of manager Karanka and they look destined to get relegated with just 6 games to play.

We don’t expect Swansea to get relegated, who currently lie in the relegation zone now but we expect Hull City to take their place by the end of the season as they have suffered due bad management, no investments and lack of squad depth. They were meant to be doomed from the beginning of the season but hopefully they will be able to rejuvenate themselves in the Championship.

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Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Enjoy Sports

There are a number of various kinds of sporting events for your entertainment all across the world and whether or not you find one that interests you in your country or not, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have a favorite sports team to follow. There are a number of reasons why you should have a team that you enjoy watching on a regular basis and no matter how busy you are you always find time to watch your favorite team in action. Even if you do not get regular updates in your newspaper regarding your favorite sports team you simply need to visit blackjack online and you’ll get all the updates that you are looking for in real time.If you are wondering why watching your favorite sporting event is always a good thing to do then you should understand that if you do not keep your mind relaxed and free from all the stress then there are always a chance that you will feel extremely stressed and worried but when you watch these matches on a regular basis it helps to relax your mind and keep you stress free. You also end up meeting a lot of people who are highly interested in the same sport as you are and this increases the chance of you socializing and getting along with people better. When you have friends and you spend time together on a regular basis there’s a slim chance that you will never get depressed and feel lonely in life.

Considering how busy people are these days it is extremely essential for you to try and stay in contact with as many people as you can because this not only helps you to stay happy and healthy it also helps to relieve stress. When you connect with people you can discuss all your problems with them.