Mitosis Vs. Meiosis – Similarities And Dissimilarities

Mitosis and Meiosis are the two most cell division techniques there exists. Being biological properties, a lot of properties are similar but at the same time the number of dissimilarities isn’t any smaller. The most basic form of definition is to say – in Mitosis, two identical new cells are created and in Meiosis, four sex cells are created.

Here’s a short list of similarities and dissimilarities between Mitosis and Meiosis.


  • Both Mitosis and Meiosis cell division results from diploid parent cells; not haploid.
  • Both cell division processes consist of 5 similar phases – interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. However, in Meiosis this entire chain of phases happen twice.
  • Along the equator region of the DNA, individual chromosomes are seen forming up along the region in both Mitosis and Meiosis cell division technique.
  • While anaphase happens, the chromatids are separated and placed along the opposite poles.
  • Cytokinesis marks the ending of both Mitosis and Meiosis cell division process.


  • In Mitosis cell division, only two cells are created from one whereas it’s four in Meiosis.
  • Mitosis results in diploid daughter cells, meaning the number of chromosomes are double. Meiosis results in haploid daughter cells, meaning the number of chromosomes are reduced – halved.
  • No recombination of chromosomes happens in Mitosis, but happens in Meiosis.
  • The prophase phase in Mitosis is lot quicker, as opposed to a longer Prophase I in Meiosis.

  • Mitosis typically creates and replicates body cells, otherwise known as somatic cells. On the other hand, Meiosis cell division creates germ cells that are basically eggs and sperms required for reproduction.
  • In Mitosis, anaphase is simple and there’s only one phase where the chromatids line up along the opposite poles. In Meiosis though, the chromatids first move along to the same pole in anaphase I and then separated towards different poles in anaphase II.


You should now be able to differentiate the different aspects of Mitosis and Meiosis.

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