Is WordPress Premium Theme Worth It?

Premium WordPress Themes make it very easy to add blog sections to your website. In fact, WordPress is almost synonymous with blogging. When you get into working with themes, the way that the theme allows you to style, alter and layout the blog will be vital. Even if you don’t plan to add a blog immediately, this is an important feature for search engine optimization and you should pay attention to how much power the theme gives you over the layout of and functions on the blog.

Different Themes and Capabilities

Most of the premium theme studios put together themes intended for different types of users. Some themes will offer you an incredible amount of flexibility over the layout and functions that you put on your blog but, in some cases, there may be so many options that using the theme is too difficult for non-technical users. These themes are typically intended to be used by professionals. There are usually themes available, however, that do have some very simple options for laying out the blog that also make it easy for the user to simply set the blog up and match it to their existing theme. You may check out the best wordpress themes 2017.


Most premium themes allow you to control the typography. Its important to use the different header options available so that you give yourself a legitimate reason to use your keywords more frequently and so that the search engines see what your articles and content are about. From an aesthetic standpoint, you want to make sure that the typography matches the rest of the typography on your site. If your site is made up primarily of static pages that offer information about your business, for example, the blogs should fit in with the overall look of those pages, and themes make it easy to ensure that it does. Changing fonts, sizes, font colors and other variables is generally not difficult.

Tips To Increase Search Engine Ranking Position

I decided to give a quick Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking Position for your blogs. I have seen a lot of people going and down in Search engines. So I decided to put this topic today. Okay let’s start

Use a Keyword Relevant Post Title

Make sure to use your keywords in the post title. For example, if you are doing a topic on Link Building ensure that you have the keyword Link Building in the title of your post also.

Use Keyword in alt and Image Titles

Make it a habit of inserting an image in almost each post of yours and giving an alternative text for each image. For example, if you are doing a post on Link Building insert an image related to link building and add alternative text to it: Link Building.

Build Quality Backlinks

As soon as you see you are going down in Search Engine Ranking Position. Don’t panic! Most people panic and get someone hired to check what’s going on. I’d say stay calm and just concentrate on quality backlinks slowly your will gain back your Search Engine Ranking Position.

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion also plays a crucial role in getting noticed by search engines. There’s been lots of updates from experts that google plus sharing could possibly increase page visibility in search results since it’s a google product.

Quality content

Now a days google is giving more importance to quality and lengthy content. Most of the people are preferring to publish posts about 2500+ words which makes easier to target more keywords and hence get traffic from google.

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