Reasons You’ll Need the Help of an Online Phone Database

For those of us who have telephones, the basic item that we’ll need to contact someone is an updated phone directory or a couple of calling card; almost everyone you’ll need to contact is there may it be a business, government institution or a residential number. But it won’t be the same when you receive a call from a mysterious number, they can’t expect you to go through all the numbers in a phone directory. Websites like 800 phone database can help you track down the caller in a minute or less.

Put an End to Harassment

Receiving numerous phone calls is one thing, you can even live with it, but it’s another when it feels like you’re getting harassed. You won’t believe how many reverse phone lookups have been conducted at 800 phone database and similar websites because of this. The most common instances involve repeated calls and when you pick up the phone no one answers on the other end or the person on the opposite line just breathes heavily on the receiver. It might just be someone who loves getting on the nerves of others but the worst case scenario would be that you have a stalker and this is why you need to know who it is in case a report needs to be filed.


Over the past few years scam artists have continued to improve their methods and become better at scamming people. There are times when you can’t even distinguish a call if it’s a legitimate one or otherwise. What you can do is to lookup a certain number at 800 phone database, if the phone is anyway linked to scam websites then it’s likely that numerous people have complained before you and these people will leave their comments online for all to see.